Ever since the affordable housing component of the MacArthur Transit Village Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.11.40 PMwas completed, all eyes have been on the surrounding lots that are supposed to remake this former parking lot into a vibrant and welcoming mixed-use development.

Though plans for some of the remaining parcels have been announced, a major surprise comes from the last parcel in the heart of the development. Plans now call for a 25-story tower to rise on Parcel B, located just north of the recently constructed BART parking garage. With a planned height of 260 feet, it will be by far the tallest building in this primarily low and mid-rise part of Oakland.
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1024x1024The yuan began plummeting in August, driving the Chinese currency to a five-year low versus the U.S. dollar. The Chinese authorities have been compelled to increasingly tighten the noose on cross-border capital flows to defend the yuan and to slow down the burnout of the nation’s foreign-exchange reserves since then. This includes increasing scrutiny of transfers overseas, to closely check whether individuals send money abroad by breaking up foreign-currency purchases into smaller transactions.

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