Helping Buyers Daily

Purchasing a home in the East Bay can seem a daunting task.  We have many municipalities, school districts, point of sale ordinances, micro-climates and varying rates of appreciation throughout our different neighborhoods.  Making sure you have up-to-the-minute data and advice is my job.  Whether you are looking for the best value in an elementary school, how many offers will be coming in on a specific property, or which areas may have potential slide issues, I’ll keep you informed.

Here are a few of the links we find helpful on a day-to-day basis:

California School Dashboard

Oakland School Finder

West Contra Costa School Finder (El Cerrito / Richmond)

Rentometer – Average Rent by Address

Berkeley Permit Lookup

Bay Area Hazards Map

Landslides of the Berkeley Hills

California Pension Tracker

Comparable Sales Data Guidelines for Appraisals